Restore the Planet Mission

Photo: Sonja Langford

You want to act to restore earth and bring back natural systems?
You want to feel that you actually contribute to a viable world for all, the present generations and the future ones?
You want to know that you take responsibility before it’s too late?
You can make the seemingly impossible possible, because nature herself will support your effort.


Restore the Planet Mission is made for people and businesses that want to make the difference and have an impact on the future of Earth and her inhabitants.

With your participation you or your company will donate a large number of trees that will planted on protected land. These terrains are protected by us or our partners. This is the start of the restoration of eco-systems that are destroyed through human interference. It’s important we will restore nature, which is more than restoration of forests. Nature depends on us to repair what we have destroyed: her whole system where soil, air, water, flora and fauna work together to keep earth healthy.

The best is to start with te reforestation, that is …. if we do it the right way. Our program works with specialists in the field of eco-system restoration. In the past reforestation was done without respect for nature’s rules, which made things worse. Nature has it’s own system and we are part of it, if we don’t stick to her ‘house rules’ Mother Nature is going to kick us out. It’s as simple as that.

With your contribution to Restore the Planet Mission you will support a large scale reforestation, eco-system restoration and awareness. The € 5,00 per Tree of life has a great impact on the world …….. your contribution will make the difference.

Every participant of Restore the Planet Mission gets a numbered certificate with the number of contributed Trees of life. You can choose a digital or paper certificate. At the same time you will be member of our Tree-community. Your company can use your contribution as proof of your involvement with the restoration of our planet.

Participation of Restore the Planet Mission is possible from 5.000 Trees of life of € 5,00 each. Via the button below you can directly enter your participation in Restore the Planet Mission.

Restore the Planet Mission

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