Restore the Planet Mission 2019

Planet Earth doesn’t need us, we need earth. This beautiful planet has had a lot of patience with us and somehow she has been able to keep us relatively safe until now. It’s a sad fact that nature begins to react to our lack of respect.

Natural catastrophes, humanitarian disasters, chronic illnesses and decline in life expectancy are a fact we have to deal with and they have their causes.

To stop further decline and to restore whatever we can to make our life on earth viable, we need to act now.

That’s why Foundation Het Kan Wel! has created the project Tree of life. This project restores bio-divers forests in Africa. Reforestation will not be enough to make our lives viable in the near future. We need to restore the ecosystem.

That’s why Tree of life is an inclusive project.

  • reforestation with bio-divers forests
  • creating chances for victims of deforestation to create a new life
  • fact finding on the subject of sustainability
  • creating public awareness on the bill of health of our planet and how to care for her

You can be a a real change maker by participating during our Restore the Planet Mission this month:

Participants in this marathon can contribute in four different categories:

  • 500 Trees of life
  • 1.000 Trees of life
  • 1.500 Trees of life
  • 2.000 Trees of life

Participants will receive one of the Restore the Planet Mission 2019 Limited Edition Certificates. There are only three hundred certificates available. Each certificate will state the name of the participant (or company) and the number of Trees of life contributed.

Through your participation you can show the world that you care enough to act to create a viable world. This could be important for your company. European authorities often demand contribution to green and social initiatives before they award a company a tender or contract.

If you pay taxes in The Netherlands your contribution is tax deductible.

Please join us in this marathon preventing the disasters we can avoid!



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