About us

Foundation Het Kan Wel! was founded in 2013 as a follow up to a successful project helping approx. 25.000 refugees and internally displaced persons to build a new future in their own region: West-Africa.

Founder of both GoTogo and Het Kan Wel! Pauline Versteegh wanted the world to profit from her experiences in Togo, where she worked together with the government to create opportunities for people who had lost everything.

During her many years in Togo Pauline already planted quite a few trees to avoid deforestation. Her forest still stands……but around it deforestation went on…mostly because of poverty and companies who still think money is more important than nature.

The good news is that Togo wants us to help them to restore nature to avoid a new humanitarian disaster. Pauline has the right network and the experience to deal with wicked problems and she loves to share it with others. This resulted in the program Tree of life.

The combination of it all brought together a group of passionate, energetic and skilled entrepreneurs who work together to restore nature, create awareness and readiness to change our lifestyle to make our existence on this planet sustainable.

We’re growing, but we should grow faster to make it possible for us to stay independent and to help people find a way to recreate our world.

Join us and create your forest!


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